Lululemon Outlet lazy daysFirst of all, I n

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lazy days

First of all, I not really a guitarist. Like, I can only do rhythm and shit. And a few guitar solos. What I put in my YouTube, I don know how I did. I just follow tabs, tutorials or whatever. I studied guitar for a short while, but I can really call myself a “guitarist” because I not. I just play guitar. But I not really that good. I a PIANIST. And it pressures me a whole lot when people want me to become lead guitarists in bands because WHUUUTTT I can do that. My guitar even just costs 3k.

Sometimes, I wish people could realize that I didn finish a music degree to just session or be part of bands to play in bars. I only joined one band (Himitsu Heiki) because they my friends to begin with and I love Japanese pop music than any other pop/rock music from the west. I very picky with people but my parents are even more picky. I graduated from college with BOTH my parents driving me to and from school. I never commuted. Not even one single day. So my parents. they don let me meet people just like that. It a bit of a hassle, but I kinda got influenced by them already. I know it may sound really greedy but I kind of become business minded. Would you ask a dermatologist to pop your pimple for free You could pop your pimple or ask someone else to do it of course but if you want it in the hands of a professional who really studied and practices, then you ought to pay him. RIGHT Beethoven said, when you good at something, don do it for free. Do you get my idea Artists work like that, much like how a call center agent says hello all day and gets paid 25k a month. It not greediness. It fairness. And not many people in music understands that because there a lot of “musician” nowadays who only make a hobby out of playing music. But what about them professionals Those who worked for a degree People need to be enligh Lululemon Outlet tened by this. Of course, some FRIENDS ask for my time to play with them and obviously out of friendship, you would get shy to charge them but maaaaannn. Whatever. Musicians need to eat too, y Don take it against us.

But right now, I kinda having a hard time with this, since people are asking me to play for them in their bands and stuff for “fun” and stuff like that. They think it fun of course, but well, it not that fun for me coz lol I don know. Again, I didn finish a degree just to play a I IV V progression 8 times a row in a bar where people just drink and smoke and don really listen. I didn finish a degree to be like that. There are musicians for those kinds of places. I don think I one of them. And I don know how to make the people out there understand that simple fact about me. Boo.

“No” is the word that I should learn how to say. Unless they let money talk. RIGHT it been busy. I thought I could breath and play videogames all day but NO NO. I guess the work never really ends.

I know I haven blogged here in pitas for the longest time but honestly, ever since I went to all those whatever sites like Tumblr or WordPress, I never really got to properly express myself, or the things that have happened in my life. stuff like that. Maybe because I too conscious about the idea of these “followers” who I don even know who read the things that you know. only I can really relate to. And I don get the reblogging idea in Tumblr either. _ I think this website will forever be, my one and only online garbage can where I can just write whatever the hell I want. Because one: Not many people really know that this site exists (except maybe for high school friends because this site is 6 years old LOL) and two: it just very sentimental to me. Imagine having this site looong before all that Tumblr hulabalu.

Anyway, now that I explained all that nonsense, I got some reporting to do. I finally DONE with my college life. And I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. 3 days ago, I just had my graduation recital and it was quite an experience. Everything from the beginning of my first year up to 3 days ago was one hell of a roller coaster ride.

The Rachmaninoff Concerto no 2 used to be just a dream. Playing it properly was just a dream. But playing it with an orchestra was beyond anything I could imagined. I was just really blessed that my mom and dad were so generous that they gave me an orchestra. And even more blessed that I fell under the hands of a really talented professor who knew the piece well.

All throughout my days in UP, I never had one dull moment. It was the best place any Filipino could study in. I learned so much (not just academically), met so many people, had lots of trouble with different things but in the end, those troubles were the ones that highlighted everything. Or rather, they gave that extra oomph. Everyday was like a level in the game Portal. There always a puzzle, a challenge, but God gave you that Portal gun in the form of a brain and all you have to do is find your way out because in reality, there ALWAYS a way out. Am I getting geeky or what what a way to end my 5 years of happiness through an exclamation point in the Lululemon Outlet form of Rachmaninoff. I just so happy. Words couldn explain it. The sense of fulfillment is something else, really. maybe because I worked for an entire year. Yup, that entire repertoire took me an entire year. I know I didn give a flawless performance of everything (especially some of my short pieces) but my goodnes Lululemon Outlet s. it was so difficult to get through. Like walking int Lululemon Outlet o Mordor. And after you done, you just don care anymore. All you know is that you done it. And I can believe I done it. Sometimes, I don know how I even do it. Like, maybe someone possessing me or something.

Anyhow, lemme get this chance to list down my favorite experiences in UP, while they still fresh in my memory. :_;

Chilling out at Sunken Garden with friends during an afternoon

Trying so hard to pass badminton but in the end wasn able to so I got a grade of 5.00 lol!

Puerto Galera for the subject Geog1, getting drunk by the beach, then snorkeling while having a hangover.

First time I got 1.25 in my piano exam and getting that scholarship

The piano competitions (and winning some)

Cutting MuL14 to watch the movie Enchanted

Getting drunk at Cantina and Tomatokick during noontime and in between classes

Flaming Wings and all that lunch out with friends

Parties, parties, parties, puking and not flushing, puking at the bush beside the gate of our house

My birthday party at home, Val at 19east and Cel at Serendra

Edsa Shangri la, Enchanted Kingdom and Subic with the Dudungs

Eng11 project where I composed the music for our play, Richard Cory and eating a one day old chick just to be able to write a poem

Jet going to school to visit me and to have lunch

The birth of Trinoma and Technohub (I was 2nd year)

Swam in the water during Ondoy because an idiot groupmate still wanted us to have a group meeting despite the terrible rain. STUPID MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT I GET YOU SOMEDAY MOFUCKER!!!

Piano ensemble classes, art of accompaniment, band and orchestra, Mul135 first names of them composers, class dismissed!!!

Lantern parade when I was in 3rd year (gift from Sir regalado jose where no one went to his class, party at sir agot house, starbucks commonwealth, lanter parade, technohub, BEST)