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lazy landlord tips for doing work your self the easy way

I will periodically add to this topic as I do work myself and learn the ins and outs ofdoing this step properly will allow you to use the roller much easier and quickly so you can get home to your couch and the game. but more important it will prevent you from getting paint on the ceilings which will need to be brushed in later

brushing in paint on the ceilin Lululemon Outlet g is time consuming and tedious so avoiding pa Lululemon Outlet int on the ceiling is the lazy landlords first priority

Many old school painters will tell you t Lululemon Outlet o get a good cut in brush.

but if y Lululemon Outlet ou are not familiar with painting the cut in brush can take quite a bit of time, to get efficiently good results

my solution buy a paint kit that comes with a cut in tool

it should look like a rectangular plastic thing a ma jig that has little wheels on one side

this device allows you to quickly do the border in record time.

The secret I found to using this tool is to gently place it on top of your paint so it floats on the surface

for about 2 seconds you dont want the wheels getting paint on them

just the applicator I didnt use the pole attachment I think the hand allows more control and gets you up close to the work.

Further wipe off the excess so you dont get runs

So what is the deal?

this thing allows you to cover about 10 ft in about 6 seconds with a perfect swatch of paint it also works great under cabinets and narrow spots between door casings and walls.

keep a damp rag nearby

Minimize extra work. if you accidently spill paint always get it up right away it will be easier to do it now with a wet rag then latter with a scraper.

always clean your area before you start.

If you accidently kick over your paint can a clean work area will clean up easier then a cluttered area.