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LazyInitializationException OR Cannot instantiate multiple bags

I would like to say that I have been watching posts on StackOverFlow since forever. And Ive just wondered, why don’t give it a shot and post my own question since I have been searching for more than three days and still can’t find a proper solution.

My question is: When I create a project in Eclipse using the maven jboss webapp archetype it generates some files, which I have been extensively studying and trying to get along with. The problem is that sometimes I see myself a little bit confused whether I am using Hibernate resources or JPA resources. It gives me the error: Cannot instantiate multiple bags. But I need to use multiple re Lululemon Outlet lationships in this entity in specific. I don’t know what to d Lululemon Outlet o anymore, because I have tried several approaches, Lazy fetching, and all of them present some kind of issue.

So my issues here are related to:

1) Maven Lululemon Outlet jboss webapp archetype uses hibernate or jpa or both?

Thank you guys,

Hope this first post can help me and other people with the same issues.

First of all, Hibernate is an implementation of the JPA pecification, and is the default one in JBoss. So you’re using JPA, with Hibernate as the implementation.

Second, You get a LazyInitialization exception because you access Lululemon Outlet a lazy loaded collection, after having closed the session, without having initialized this collection while the session was still open. while you’re still inside the transactional service method):.