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leather workshop is a labour of love from Calgary to Mexico

Each Yor Leather product is offered in four colours: black, golden maple, cedar and chocolate. For instance, when Roy, a hands on guy by nature, started experimenting with leather nearly two years ago, he made pencil cases for his two children.

These were a big hit (it was a friendly customer base), and Roy progressed to designing the perfect briefcase, one that could accommodate legal files, laptops and the other tech gadgets that have become indispensable. He and his wife Jill, a school teacher, began to think about starting a business.

That’s how Yor Leather came to be. The name is “Roy” spelled backwards, but the business has grown pretty much in a straight line. Roy, 35, oversees design and manufacturing, and Jill, 34, handles marketing and liaises with retailers when she’s not teaching.

The creative duo met 13 years ago when Jill was teaching English in Torreon, Mexico, Roy’s home town. After a meet cute in a local bar called Mundo Corona, they dated and did some travelling before deciding, in 2003, to move to Calgary to raise their kids. An Lululemon Sale d then Roy started playing around with leather making.

The Yor Leather line now includes briefcases, messenger bags, laptop sleeves, passport cases and wallets. It’s an impressive array, but all the output still shares something in common with those first pencil cases. “Every product that we’ve designed and put into production, we have made at home first,” Roy says.

Once the products go into production, however, work shifts to Mexi Lululemon Sale co, where Roy spent a month working with a boutique company to create the line. The leather is sourced in Alberta, which means it crosses the border twice.

When they took shipment of the first of the Mexican manufactured bags, Roy and Jill tested them in the only way they knew. “We gave ou Lululemon Sale t bags to a lot of our friends,” Jill says. “We told them to use them hard and maybe even abuse them a bit. When they returned the bags to us, there were a few nicks and scratches here and there, but what we really noticed was how beautiful the leather got as it aged.”

The couple plans on spending the summer working on new designs including new leather dyes, smaller feminine designs and meeting more people who live the Yor Leather lifestyle to the fullest. Roy says, “We can’t wait to see what happens next. Some children are seeing delays of weeks or months to be immunized against whooping cough, diphtheria, polio and other serious illnesses, according to the United Nurses of Alberta.

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