Lululemon Sale leather yoga pants ad and more

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leather yoga pants ad and more

April Fool Day 2013: Lululemon leather yoga pants ad and moreMONTREAL Clothing maker Lululemon said on Monday it was introducing lululeather after partnering with local cow farmers who feed their animals organic grass and chia seeds. In addition to Cowabunga yoga pants, it would also offer Moomats for Lululemon Sale exercise at $208 apiece.

Lululemon was one among several Canadian companies that sought to generate some good natured brand buzz Monday by releasing their 2013 April Fool’s Day ads.

York University professor Russell Belk says well executed humour can go viral and attract lots of mainstream media attention, but warns those that miss the mark risk offending.

He says newspapers have run April Fool’s stories for decades, but social media can accelerate how widespread the best ads are seen.

Belk points to Calgary based WestJet, whose tongue in cheek ads last year promoted kid free planes.

This year the airline says it’s allowing any kind of animal, including bears, to roam free on board.

Meanwhile, the TTC released a video spoofing annoying things passengers do on the subway. It promoted a personal subway car that allows riders to apply makeup, do personal grooming and use seats for bags and to stretch their legs.

Boston Pizza said it was banning all buns and replacing them with new u Lululemon Sale ses for pizza dough. Several ads on Lululemon Sale You Tube said it was adding to its menu pizza salad, pizza beer, pizza cake and pizza burgers.

Google videos promoted new services such as Google Nose Lululemon Sale that allowed users to scan the web for smells and a new feature on Google Maps that allowed people to search for pirate treasure.

Virgin founder Richard Branson posted on his blog that Virgin Atlantic Airways will soon be offering a glass bottomed plane service between London and Scotland.