Lululemon Sale Leather yoga pants and extrate

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Leather yoga pants and extraterrestrial selfies

As the noon deadline approaches, it Lululemon Sale looks like Canadians ha Lululemon Sale ve already contributed their fair share of clever April Fools jokes. There still a few pranking hours left, depending on your time zone, but here what we found so far.

1. Westjet announces their family program, allowing travelling pets to roam free in the cabin.

2. The Truro Daily News claims April Fool Day is cancelled due to conflict with Easter Monday. BlogTO writes that a $500 million bike lane project is coming to Toronto. In a town still reeling from the loss of the Jarvis bike lane, the news was less than well received.

This is the meanest April foo Lululemon Sale ls joke of all. In a nod to Doctor W Lululemon Sale ho fandom, the Huffington Post announced the suspect in last year robocall scandal was none other than Pierre P. Dalek of Guelph, Ont. When asked to comment, Mr. Dalek replied Lululemon unveils new leather yoga pants. No word yet on whether they see through.

6. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield tweeted a selfie this morning with some suspicious looking debris floating outside the International Space Station.

The view from where we fly the Canadarm2, with some orbital debris off in the distance. Acknowledging its conservative leanings, the Toronto Sun published an editorial endorsing Justin Trudeau as the next Prime Minister of Canada. aside everything we have said before, the article exclaims.

8. In other Liberal news, Bob Rae announced his leadership bid today in a tweet that included a misspelling of Prime Minister Stephen Harper name.

I changed mind, will run for leader after all. Steven Harper says I tenacious and patriotic, and the National Post says I fit.