Turkish Phrases – How to Learn Them Fast

Once moving to Turkey I realized I didn’t even know how to express, “How have you been?” When I wanted to survive I had to move fast to learn a few Turkish Phrases. The two

I used to master Turkish my first few challenging weeks there were listening and imitating.


You may be amazed how many folks try to learn the basic principles of a speech by reading something out of a novel or even on the Internet. The simple fact isthat if you were an infant that you failed to know to speak your native language after you could read! You heard it over and over for quite a long time before any words came out of your mouth. And if words did come, you didn’t have to spend a good deal of time studying exactly what you had been saying Learn Turkish online!

In exactly the same manner, you will see Turkish phrases fastest simply by hearing a phrase again and again until it sinks in. To accomplish this you’ll need a fantastic collection of records, of which there are many available. I have the advantage of living in Turkey and hearing Turkish spoken all around me. But I still record spoken Turkish from time to time for listening and learning.

You’re going to be tempted to follow the records since you drive into work or when you’re doing some thing different. That is fine and it will be useful for you. But the perfect way to generate the phrases stick in your brain would be always to really act out the term as you understand it! After the record says, “I would love to order 2 kebabs,” you can turn and act as if you’re speaking to a waiter. The further activities you may carry out the more the term will probably stay with you.


Once those Turkish phrases have been drilled into your brain through listening and behaving you will begin to move into the fake stage. Just because you are knowledgeable about the noises will not mean your mouth will cooperate with you in pronouncing them! Don’t get discouraged! It’s achievable! Actually, Turkish isn’t really a very difficult language to speak. There are just a few vowels utilized in Turkish which we do not utilize in English.

My little two-year-old, Anna, can be a wonderful illustration of a language imitator. She hears a Turkish word or phrase and also she says it right back. She does not worry about just how funny it sounds in English, because she does not know very much English! If you have the identical approach as Anna that you will learn Turkish immediately. Imitate the noises that you hear.

This whole process really does not require very long. It’s possible to hear a phrase a variety of times and replicate it with action within a couple of minutes. The crucial thing is to review. You’ll believe you might have a phrase memorized but then when you’ll need it it is not there. If you review the phrases a few days in a row you will be prepared to speak Turkish like a pro!